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35 McKellar Way, Epping, VIC 3076

New beginnings for Network RV

network rv moves into brand new factory

In January 2022 Network RV moved into a brand-new office space and 10,000 square metre factory.

Construction already commenced by the time it was announced in February 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, completion was pushed back several times. The construction industry was further disrupted when it was completely shut down for weeks in towards the end of 2021.

Along with the changes in location, we believed it was also time for a refresh in our corporate branding. Network RV rebranded with the nRV logo, as the corporate brand, head office and manufacturer of Network RV Caravans, Nextgen Caravans and Victory Caravans.

On 17 January 2022, after an extended closing down period, we finally opened our doors at our new location at 35 McKellar Way, Epping, Victoria.

CEO Joe Markovic said that this move, and growth of the business is a celebration of all the hard work by our dedicated staff, as well as the support from customers:

“The emotion I feel around this is happiness and gratitude, the success belongs to everybody involved. I walk around the factory, and our team seems happy and excited for the future.”

Joe further emphasised how amazing it was to have done this during a challenging time of going through a pandemic and many setbacks:

“This is what we achieved while everything was down and I could not have done any of this without the support of our great team, everyone in the office and factory floor. All the hard work we’ve done paid off and I feel humbled by the whole experience.”

Below is a quick video of the factory floor. Keep visiting us here on the website or on Facebook for more updates.

For the years ahead, we here at Network RV are committed to keep improving our business, and to keep producing quality caravans at great prices for our customers.

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