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Network RV’s Story

Network RV’s Journey: A Story of Innovation and Growth


Network RV’s story began with the innovative vision of its founder, Joe Markovic, who had a passion for the caravan industry. His dedication to innovation and development, especially in CNC and European furniture, laid the foundation for a thriving business.

Joe spent significant time in Europe, learning and implementing advanced furniture systems. This experience highlighted potential improvements for the Australian caravan market. Inspired by European business models, especially in Germany, Joe saw an opportunity to apply these strategies back home.

Building a Company, Not Just a Brand

The aim was to build a company, not just a single brand. This approach involved hiring the right people with diverse skills and responding to market demands. For instance, facing challenges in sourcing chassis led to the creation of our own chassis company. The growth was gradual and necessity-driven, focusing on meeting customer needs rather than just expansion for the sake of it.

Challenges and Core Values

The journey wasn’t without challenges. Joe’s previous experiences in other caravan companies brought frustrations, particularly with corporate resistance, which even affected his health. This motivated him to create a company that aligned with his core values, prioritising customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

Customer-Centric Approach

A crucial realisation was the importance of understanding who our real customers are. While end users are vital, the company’s primary focus shifted to dealers and brand owners. By catering to their needs, ensuring they can make a profit, and being easy to work with, Network RV has positioned itself for continued success and expansion.

Success and Future Direction

Despite the ups and downs, the hard work paid off. Network RV has grown significantly, learning from mistakes and continuously improving. The future looks positive, with the company now adept at managing growth and market fluctuations.

Network RV’s story is one of innovation, adaptability, and a relentless focus on core values. By learning from the best in Europe and applying those lessons to the Australian market, we’ve built a company that’s not just surviving but thriving, with a bright future ahead.

To watch more of our videos about Network RV, visit our YouTube channel here.

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