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Network RV Covid Update

The end of the year is approaching quickly and the obstacles in production and within our teams are unlike any we’ve endured before. We’ve had many challenges in the past 18 months, dealing with closures due to covid exposed staff and suppliers as well as construction delays on our new premises. These challenging times have meant we have had to constantly adapt our approach to many sectors of our business. We’ve had people working remotely where possible and sourced alternate product at our cost to keep producing our products. As much as we try to predict supply of goods, we are often disappointed by suppliers and shipping times. Put simply, we are behind where we thought we would be at this point in time.

At the foundation of our business model, we do not want to disappoint our customers. Unfortunately, the challenges we are facing are caused by issues that are not in our control. Covid has meant we have been shut down, had curfews in place, had to reduce staff numbers based on workspace and had people away when being tested for covid. We also thought we’d be in our new factory by now, which would give us the space we require to produce the allocated caravans, but due to construction industry closures, this has not occurred when we had hoped.

Ultimately, all we can do is be completely transparent in the challenges we are facing to manufacture the amount of product we had been scheduling for, but we will continue to use every possible working opportunity to provide caravans to as many customer as we can.

Please accept our sincere apologies in this unpredictable climate and we will follow up as soon as we can with an update as to our achievable production between now and Christmas.

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Comments (2)

By the sound of things you’re doing everything possible to keep things flowing with quality in mind. I’m sure any reasonable customer will understand the delays and frustrations that you are faced with. It is great to see the transparency on the first page of your webpage. I do believe that it would be great if your dealers were able to keep their customers up-to-date more regularly as to what is happening with their particular vans or at least an idea as to the general delay time. This seems to be the main frustration that I have seen in the forums from the caravan groups. I’m sure that’s the same with most brands of caravan. Keep up the good work.

Im glad i have read this now ,and understand the problems you are going through with high demand and supply issues , i’ve been trying to get an answer from our supplier about a date, as were due to receive ours in October.
We have picked colours etc on the 13 Th. September and were told it would be next to go .
But still no word. and i have been told in no uncertain terms to “HOLD ”

We have planned a xmas holiday and we need to book in Auto electric guys to install camera as they need plenty of notice too .
Can you help with timing ?
Mark and Kay Wilson
Via Caravan HQ

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