About Us

Network RV now operates multiple brands including Nextgen, Elite, Roadhouse & Victory Caravans

Network RV was first founded in 2014 with humble beginnings in module furniture making and assembly for the Caravan Industry. With each success and achievement, the company has been able to flourish into a caravan manufacturing business that constantly headlines the industry

We now own and manufacture high quality caravans from 4 brands, Victory Caravans, NextGen Caravans, Roadhouse Caravans and Elite Caravans. We operate out of 3 Factories with an overall average size of 6000 SQM with high quality CNC Machinery.

Our desire to exceed our customer’s expectation and satisfaction has allowed us to build a good reputation and is the main reason for our significant growth.

Our Core Values

  • To be the best we can be
  • Provide a Service
  • Do the right thing by everybody
“I’ve had a long history with working with other people, both in and out of the Caravan Industry. Some people were great, and some weren’t. I believe I took all that I knew was good, threw the bad away, and was able to build a company with the core values that were in line with my believes and the people that work with us”

- Joe Markovic, The Managing Director of Network RV